April 14th – April 20th, 2014

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STUDY NIGHT MONDAY:  Monday, April 14th 5-8pm in cafe’.  The usual Cookie/coffee special for $5.  Bottomless coffee and a cookie. 

TUESDAY PROGRESSIVES MEETING: Tuesday, April 15th 9-11am at the Community Table. Denver area progressives gather for conversation and debate.  

TAX DAY OFFER:  Tuesday, April 15th up until 4:15pm :-P .  Kaladi 1 lb bag of whole beans $10.40. ONE PER PERSON.  Save $5.  Tuesday until 4:15 pm only:)  Whole bean only. 

STAFF MEETING: Tuesday, April 15th 6-8pm at shop.  We will close at 5pm, as we do every third Tuesday of the month, for our staff meeting.  

LESBIAN BOOK CLUB:  Thursday, April 17th 7-9pm in the Living Room.



APRIL ARTIST:  Jay Alders work is on display and for sale through the end of April. 

CRAFT/BUNNY PHOTOS:  By EDWIN DEMAFILES now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at his Zen Folio site.  Also, DVD to download onto computer available at Perk after today.   THANKS, Edwin!!!!!  And special thanks to LINDA BOARDMAN and KRISTIN HICKEY for your wonderful contributions to our event.  Clearly, we can’t do it without our village and villagers! 


Happy Tax Day! Happy Easter Week! 


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April 7th – April 13th, 2014



MONDAY NIGHT STUDY NIGHT:  Monday, April 7th 5-8pm in the cafe’. 

TUESDAY PROGRESSIVES MEETING: Tuesday, April 8th 9-11am at the Community Table. Denver area progressives gather for conversation and debate.  

CRAFTS AND EASTER BUNNY VISIT:  Saturday, April 12th 12:30-2pm at the Community Table we’ll provide makings for Spring flowers.  We’d like to hang a few on our trees.  The EASTER BUNNY will stop by for a visit and EDWIN DEMAFILES will be on hand for photos




FANS MEETING: Wednesday, April 9th 6-8pm at the Bahai Center at 225 E. Bayaud St, at Grant.  Regular meeting cancelled in order to attend the meeting by Councilman Chris Nevitt on the Public Notification of Ban on Alcohol in Washington Park.  


Image 1

Check out the photos to help you identify our staff and read the quotes that say a bit about them.


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March 31st – April 6th, 2014


Tuesday, April 1st is Wash Perk’s 6th birthday.   Wash Perk is more than a business, and I can guarantee you that we would have walked away by year 2 if it had been!  And we wouldn’t be around after year 5 if we didn’t then become a financially viable business.  

Thank you all for your support of our business and your contributions to our community.  We continue to grow ourselves and our business with the help of everyone who cares enough to keep coming back and purchasing, to keep giving us thoughtful advice, to keep sharing yourselves with us and our staff and our extended family that reaches far beyond our neighborhood.   I say it every year, and its still true, EVERY BIT MATTERS.

 Thank you to my amazing, patient partner, Debbi…Thank you to our dedicated and conscientious staff…Thank you to generous friend and fix it man, Bear Thank you to our fantastic roaster team at Kaladi Coffee…Thank you to our supportive landlord and friend, Janice McClure… and thank YOU. 


MONDAY NIGHT STUDY NIGHT:  Monday, March 31st 5-8pm in the cafe’.  

ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA:  Tuesday, April 1st 9-11am at the Community Table.  Denver area progressives gather for conversation and debate. 

STREET SWEEPING STARTS:  Tuesday, April 1st ALL DAY begins street sweeping.  Streets around the shop have restrictions Monday through Thursday, so look for our signs. 



 CLIMATE LETTER BRIGADE:  Wednesday, April 2nd 6:30-8pm.  Climate Letter Brigade will meet at the community table to write letters to our Senators Udall and Bennet, and our Representatives (Diana DeGette for District 1) asking for action on climate change. We will supply stationery, postcards, addresses, pens, stamps, and ideas of what to say. Our members of Congress need to hear that we are concerned! This is their first gathering and they welcome everyone to join.

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